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Howard Reichmuth

Chief Technology Officer

Howard ReichmuthHoward Reichmuth is EnergyRM’s Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the advancement of the core science underlying the X-View Framework, the set of tools that includes EnergyRM’s meter system and related technologies. Howard is the co-inventor of the world’s first reliable meter for the energy yield from energy efficiency, and is on a number of the Company’s issued and pending patents.    

Howard’s background in the complexities of “transactionally accurate” models has its roots in his work as a missile physicist with the US Navy, where the need to model overwhelmingly information-rich data sets accurately underlies precise targeting solutions. Howard brought that experience into renewable energy starting in the late 1970s, working in assessment of publicly-funded credit programs for early applications of solar technologies, and later as the CEO of a company shipping novel technologies into the passive solar heating industry.

In 1986, Howard joined Lambert Engineering as staff physicist, working on monitoring, data collection, and program design under contracts with the Bonneville Power Administration. Building on that experience, Howard was the developer of the EZ-Sim building simulation model. He applied that work to estimate energy savings in large scale commercial buildings in work funded by the World Bank, meeting requirements for compliance with the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).