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Delta Meter

The Bullitt Foundation’s “Living Building” – Seattle, Washington.
World’s first Metered Energy Efficiency generator – utilizes EnergyRM’s DeltaMeter™.

EnergyRM is pleased to announce the first major field test of the Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure (MEETS). The structure, which uses EnergyRM’s DeltaMeter™ dynamic baseline metering system, is poised to open the energy efficiency world to utility scalability. The transaction is supported by OR BEST and the Northwest utility industry’s technical energy efficiency group, the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA).

The pilot features a utility power purchase agreement, between EnergyRM, Seattle City Light and the new Bullitt Center – the world’s greenest office building.

You will find the City of Seattle’s press release here.

You will find a press release from Equilibrium Capital Group here.

You will find a press release from Perkins Coie here.


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