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EnergyRM Utility Engagement

Energy Efficiency as Generation

EnergyRM’s M&V not only meets the requirements for adherence to IPMVP, but it is even more rigorous, includes more features, and is a clearer, more prescriptive process than has been commonly implemented previously.

This enhanced process is sufficiently robust to meet the requirements to be part of a utility’s energy supply portfolio and to provide building operators an improved basis for performance.

Indeed, we refer to the output from this enhanced M&V process as a virtual meter, and refer to the savings estimated by the virtual meter as efficiency generation (EG).

Conclusion from: Quantum Energy Services & Technologies, Inc. (QuEST) October 2010 evaluation of EnergyRM’s technology. The evaluation was conducted by Bill Koran and overseen by David Jump, Ph.D, P.E.. Dr. Jump chairs the Efficiency Valuation Organization’s (EVO’s) Executive Council and is a member of the IPMVP Committee. EVO maintains and promotes industry standards for verifying savings in energy efficiency projects.
Delta Meter

The Bullitt Foundation’s “Living Building” – Seattle, Washington.
World’s first Metered Energy Efficiency generator – utilizes EnergyRM’s DeltaMeter™.

EnergyRM offers utilities two fundamental advances, which turn efficiency into a core grid management solution, and a core line of business:

New Technology1

The X-View Framework™ is a suite of products that enables utilities to test for, prove, meter and maintain energy efficiency in their load base. The X-View Framework suite includes these products:

  • FirstView™ and ProspectView™2 analyze the potential for increased efficiency in a building or a portfolio of buildings.
  • DesignView™ examines the performance of building and building systems during design and at commissioning.
  • PerformanceView™ monitors performance, and supports continued energy improvement over time.
  • DeltaMeter™ enables the metered delivery of the energy yield from efficiency.

New Transaction Structure

The Metered Energy Efficiency Transaction Structure (MEETS) uses the DeltaMeter™’s capabilities to enable utilities to:

  • Invest in and/or acquire energy efficiency resources without reducing unit sales or revenues.
  • Turn energy efficiency into a “utility grade” resource.
  • Capture revenues and earnings currently given to others in energy efficiency upgrades.
  • Deliver more depth, cost-effectively, and do so at no increase in cost to ratepayers per kWh of savings.
  • Strengthen grid management.

With these advances, utilities can integrate energy efficiency on the customer side of the meter into the utility planning, regulatory reporting, and capital deployment processes in ways that turn efficiency into a core grid management solution, and a core line of business.

Utilities seeking additional information should contact: Eric Youngson, President.

1 Field testing of the technology has been conducted in 250 Energy Star buildings, 350 LEED buildings, 400 schools, as well as 150 California buildings as part of a California Energy Commission PIER project, confirming its broad scalability.

2 FirstView is a trademark of New Buildings Institute. X-View Framework, ProspectView, DesignView, PerformanceView, and DeltaMeter are trademarks of Energy Resource Management Corporation. These solutions are also covered by US Patent No. 8355827, and by additional pending US and Foreign patents.